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Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor NJ Rentals

Since its development several years ago, Stone Harbor NJ has come a long way to remain one of the primary vacation destinations in the east coast. With more than a hundred years and still counting, there is no doubt that this city has cemented its place as a premier recreational and residential resort for New Jersey communities. This captivating city has everything perfect for a family vacation. If you are thinking about Stone Harbor NJ rentals, then you have every reason to take your vacation there.

Boasting of several white and clean sandy beaches, protected dunes and wildlife reserves, Stone Harbor NJ is an ideal vacation destination that only a few can match in this part of the country. Its cool blue waters are ideal for outdoor events like swimming, kayaking, boating and fishing, just to mention a few. For sports lovers, there are several golf courses to choose from.

Talking about Stone Harbor NJ and the wonderful rentals is not complete without mentioning its natural and scenic beauty. If you want to sample some prehistoric monuments, then you may take a ride to the Cape May or spend your afternoon at the family zoo. Alongside that, there is the Wetlands Institute, a perfect place to have fun as you wind up your day. If you are craving for some lively entertainment to keep you busy for the better part of the night, then there are several Atlantic City Casinos that are only thirty minutes away from Stone Harbor, NJ.

Despite its relatively small size, Stone Harbor is a shopper’s paradise, to say the least. With more than hundred shops lined up across the major streets, one can find just anything to make their stay here enjoyable. This city also boasts of superb restaurants which offer both local and foreign mouthwatering delicacies. These are nicely prepared meals that are sure to please even the most discriminating tastes.

There is no denying that the seven mile island, as it is commonly known has everything that makes a perfect vacation experience. However, you need to place a reservation by renting one of the many Stone Harbor Rentals or Avalon NJ rentals and experience a vacation that will create memories that last a lifetime.

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