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Home inspectors in Avalon NJ and Stone Harbor NJ

Buying Your Home – Home Inspections in Avalon NJ and Stone Harbor NJ

Do you need a home inspection when Purchasing a home in Avalon NJ?
Yes. Buying a home “as is” can be a risky proposition. Major repairs on homes can amount to thousands of dollars. Plumbing, electrical and roof problems represent significant and complex systems that are expensive to fix. I work closely with home inspectors in Avalon and Stone Harbor and recommend using one on almost every purchase.

Need help finding a home inspector in Avalon NJ or Stone Harbor NJ?
I am more than happy to help, or you can ask for referrals from friends. Ask for their credentials, such as New Jersey home inspection License. Also, check out their references.

What’s a home inspection?
A home inspection is when an inspector — often a retired contractor or an engineer — inspects the home, and searches for defects or other issues that might create problems for the new owner in the Future. They usually work for the buyer and are paid by the buyer. The inspection usually takes place after a purchase contract between buyer and seller has been signed. Again if you need a quality home inspector in Avalon NJ or Stone Harbor NJ don’t hesitate to call me 609.425.7442.

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