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Avalon NJ – An Island Paradise

Avalon NJ is a beautiful beach town located on the very popular summer destination of the Seven Mile Island. The seven mile island consists of the two great towns of Avalon located on the northern section of the island and Stone Harbor on the southern end. The Town of Avalon is a barrier island that conveniently sits one mile further out to sea than other towns, giving it the nickname Cooler by a mile. This added mile does wonders on those hot summer days.

Avalon NJ has a unique and rich history going all the way back to the 1600’s when the island was purchased from the Lenape Indians for mere dollars. Avalon was originally bought for its thriving timber resources and access to abundant fishing grounds. Later on in time in the early 1900’s vacationers from all over the east coast found the shore towns of New Jersey to be a perfect getaway. Avalon was again purchased by the Seven Lies beach company with the hopes they could turn it into a thriving seaside community. It worked. Avalon is now a sleepy little beach town home to people from all over.

Sea Isle city, NJ borders Avalon, NJ to the north. Townsend’s inlet separates the two towns and is the main water way that gives Avalon NJ boaters access to the Atlantic. The New Jersey Coast is one of richest fishing grounds in the world allowing anglers to catch Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish, flounder, and almost any other great sport fish. We are also home to some of the best back bay fishing and clam beds around. Make sure you have the proper licenses before heading out for a big harvest!!

Stone Harbor to the South is another great Shore town with great shopping district. The 96th street shops are ideal for those evenings with the family. The shops have every and anything you could possible want along with great restaurants and ice cream parlor. Don’t forget to stop at the fudge kitchen.

On to the Crown Jewel Avalon. Avalon NJ is a town full of people with relaxed shoulders. People here know when the smell of salt air enters your body, all troubles melt away. I can assure you that there is nothing more satisfying then kicking your shoes off and letting your tired feet rest on your deck railing as you sip a nice cold beverage. So many people tell me there is no more rewarding feeling then having a home in Avalon. Knowing that all your hard work paid off or is paying off because you have provided your family with some of the greatest memories they will ever have. There are basically four sections to Avalon.

The North End of Avalon consists of inlet drive and 6th street near the Townsend’s Inlet bridge to roughly 32 street. I grew up on 6th street. Many people ask me why does Avalon start with 6th street? Were the first five streets washed away? Actually a few streets towards the T.I. bridge were washed away but there never was a 1st through fifth street per say. And no they were not washed out in the storm of 1962. They were an idea by the early developers of the island. An idea on a tax map that never materialized due to the relentless tides that eroded the northern part of the island. The 8th street Jetty has provided great protection from the sea and also provided one of the best fishing spots on the island. Downtown Avalon New Jersey is 20th street through 32nd street on Dune Drive. It is the commercial district where all of the retail stores, restaurants, and bars are located. The circle at 21st street is home to Veterans Plaza and a 9/11 memorial consisting of actual steel from the World Trade Center. Nightly concerts occur at veterans Plaza throughout the summer. Check my calendar of events for details of who’s playing when.

Avalon’s next section of town consists of 33rd street to 40th street. Here you will find large beaches beautiful beach paths and the beginning of you of New Jersey last natural Dune sections. Our Dunes serve two great purposes. One they are a thing of Beauty. And two they are the best protection there is. Why did Avalon fair so well during hurricane Sandy? Well there were many reasons but the Dunes were the top reason.

Continuing further south towards Stone Harbor you will drive from 41st street to 58th street. This section of Town is called the The High Dunes. Massive natural seawalls coupled with some exquisite homes, the high Dunes of Avalon are something every visitor needs to see.

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