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Joe Butler Purdy Real Estate

The following items are to make your stay much more enjoyable. Please read through them as they will help make your Avalon NJ vacation rental the best ever!!

– If the property has a grill, this does not mean the propane tank will be full. There are many gas stations off shore or the Sunoco in town on 28th street that can fill the tank for you. Propane is not warranted. It is the same for charcoal.

– Grills are not permitted on decks unless they are fed by a natural gas line. If there is a propane tank DO NOT USE GRILLE ON THE DECK it is illegal. Please keep the grill in the backyard where it originally sat. This is an Avalon NJ borough ordinance.

– When checking out please leave the house in a respectable manner. Empty all Trash Cans, Recycling cans, refrigerator must be empty and clean, and lock all doors.

– Check out is at 10:00 a.m.

– Unless instructed otherwise or cleaning is included with your rental arrange for the property to be cleaned by a professional or run the risk of a charge to your security deposit. I know many great cleaners in Avalon that can take care of this for you if needed.

– If Avalon New Jersey beach tags are provided please count to make sure all have been returned. Check all bathing suits and beach chairs for missing tags. You don’t want to be charged for accidentally keeping an unwanted tag on your suit!!

– Please do not feed the seagulls they get plenty of food to eat. It will ensure your vacation is quiet as well as your neighbors.

– Avalon NJ Trash Collection Routes
Section #1 (North) – Inlet to 23rd Street
Section #2 (Middle) – 23rd Street to 42nd Street
Section #3 (South) – 42nd Street to North Side of 80th Street

All Sections are from bay to ocean

Trash Schedule
Section #1 Monday Thursday
Section #2 Tuesday Friday
Section #3 Wednesday Saturday

Recycling Schedule
Section #1 – Monday Only
Section #2 – Tuesday Only
Section #3 – Wednesday Only

Please don’t look at these as rules. They are simply guidelines to make sure you have the greatest time possible. If you have any questions or need the name of a store, restaurants, or places to go don’t hesitate to email or call me!!

All the best,

Joe Butler
Purdy Real Estate
Avalon NJ Realtor

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