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Avalon NJ Beach Information

Avalon NJ Beaches re the quietest and cleanest beaches in the world. Don’t take my word for it, visit and see for yourself! Avalon New Jersey continually wins awards for having such great beaches. Philadelphia Magazine honors Avalon as one of the top summer vacations in the area. This is largely because of our pristine beaches. Running from 21st street all the way to 32nd street is a quiet boardwalk. There is an arcade for the kids as well as a great pizza and ice cream parlor. They are located at 29th street and the beach. If amusements are what you are looking for, Avalon NJ is centrally located between Wildwood and Ocean City. A half hour each way will get you to all the amusement rides and boardwalk games you can dream of. Below is important information regarding Avalon New Jersey’s Beaches.


Beach Tags re required by all people over the age of 12 between the Hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm June 1st through September 5th. You can purchase an Avalon NJ Beach Tag in the kiosk located next to community hall on 30th street and Avalon Ave. Or from a beach tagger at the entrance to most beach paths or walking on the beach. Please don’t harass the taggers they are just doing their jobs. The small fee helps to ensure we always have large clean Beaches in Avalon NJ. There are three types of Beach Tags in Avalon NJ,

Seasonal tags $23 before June 1st $28 fter June 1st
Weekly Tags $12
Daily Tags $6

Surf Chair Reservation

Avalon’s Beaches re easily accessible to anyone that is physically challenged. To make sure this is always the case Avalon has “surf Chairs” which are lightweight and easily to maneuver over sand. They are located in the shed at the 30th street beach entrance. Surf Chairs can be reserved by calling 609.967.3066.

Surf Chair Hours

Daily (Summer) 10:00am-1:30 or 1:30-5:30

Monday – Saturday Off Season

Handicapped Access Beaches

are at the following locations 21st, 23rd,24th, 26th, 27th,29th, 30th, 32nd. There are ramps to the beach at 30th street and Avalon Ave and at 8th street and Avalon Ave. We also have a large observation platform located at 80th street Beach.

Driving on the Beach
is permitted October 1st through April 30th. A permit can be purchased at the Avalon NJ Borough yard on 14th street. Vehicles must have a fire extinguisher, a jack, spare tire, first aid kit, and other items to ensure safe Beach driving.

Avalon NJ Lifeguards
Are some of the most highly trained Life Guards in The State. The guards are on duty between 10:00am – 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday and until 5:30 pm on Sat and Sun. Any and all bathing must be done at designated stand during these ours. If you decide to swim at any time that is not guarded you do so at your own risk and The Borough of Avalon NJ assumes no liability. The protected beaches are as follows.

Protected Beaches

  • 9th Street 28th Street 50th Street
  • 12th Street 30th Street 57th Street
  • 15th Street 32nd Street 61st Street
  • 18th Street 35th Street 65th Street
  • 21st Street 38th Street 69th Street
  • 24th Street 40th Street 73rd Street
  • 26th Street 43rd Street 76th Street
  • 78th Street

Raft Beaches (Use of Rafts & Inflated Objects)

  • 12th Street 40th Street
  • 18th Street 50th Street
  • 24th Street 61st Street
  • 28th Street 69th Street
  • 35th Street 78th Street

Surfing Beaches:

  • 30th Street and Between 9th and 12th street.

Can be done at any beachblock location or at the large parking lot located at 28th street and the beach.

Public Restrooms
Are located at 30th street and the beach and on Dune Drive at the Avalon NJ recreation filed at 10th street.

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